We combined the reliability and reputation of the multi-award winning MagicMount magnetic mounting system with the latest, fastest and safest Qi-certified wireless fast charging technology, to create the MagicMount Charge3. With its elegant yet practical design it holds your phone securely as you drive, while quickly charging it.

The Scosche MagicMount Charge3 received a TWICE  Picks award at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). TWICE  Picks “honor the best and most influential consumer technology products launched at CES”.

Safer, Faster and Cooler Wireless Charging

When your phone is held in place by the Charge3’s 100% device-safe Neodymium magnets a thermal management gap is created between the phone and the Qi-charging head. This gap allows the heated air to escape and be replaced by cooler air during charging. Cooler charging is safer for your phone and its battery.

The magnetic arms of the Charge3 rotate 360-degrees, so you can view your phone in portrait, landscape, or any angle in-between.

Place your phone on the charger, and remove it, with just one hand.

Phone mount with qi chargePhone mount with qi charge

Fast Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is now fast as well as convenient. The Charge3 delivers up to 10W of charging power and supports Apple® (7.5W), Samsung® (9W) and Google® (10W) Fast Charge.


Powerful 100% Device-Safe Magnets

MagicMounts utilize powerful Neodymium magnets that are completely safe for your device, and hold your phone securely while you drive.


Qi Certified

All Scosche Wireless Chargers are Qi Certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WCP) and feature advanced safety features such as Foreign Object Detection. Foreign Object Detection automatically prevents charging if something other than a Qi-enabled device is placed on the charging head.

A look Inside phone mount headA look Inside phone mount head

Choice of Mounting Options

The MagicMount Charge3 is available in four
mounting options suitable for home, office and vehicle use.

Vent Mount

The patent pending FreeFlow open design allows air flow from the vehicle’s vent to pass through to cool you. With its articulating swing-arm the Charge3 Vent Mount lets you move your phone away from the vent while the base is still anchored there. The Vent Mount is quick and easy to install, remove, and transfer from vehicle to vehicle.

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magnetic phone mount for car vent magnetic phone mount for car vent

Window/Dash Mount

The Window/Dash Mount has a StickGrip™ suction-cup base that allows you to mount it securely on any flat (or slightly textured) surface at home, in the office, or in-vehicle.

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magnetic phone mount for car dash or windowmagnetic phone mount for car dash or window

Dash Mount

The Dash Mount uses Automotive Grade Adhesive to provide a strong (but still removeable) hold to either the top or front of a dashboard. The Dash Mount is also suitable for home and office use. The rotating and pivoting base allows multiple angle options and holds its position securely once you’ve achieved your desired angle.

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magnetic phone mount for car dashmagnetic phone mount for car dash

Window/Dash Double-Pivot Mount

The Window/Dash Double-Pivot Mount can be positioned in various places in your vehicle, home or office with its StickGrip suction-cup base. It’s double-pivoted base design offers multiple adjustments and almost endless viewing angles.

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Each MagicMount Charge3 mount comes with a 12V vehicle power adapter, charging cable, and MagicPlate® non-magnetic metal plates with adhesive that you apply either directly to your phone or to your phone case.


*For the fastest charging experience for home or office use we recommend you use a ReVolt™ Quick Charger (sold separately).


Instructions for applying the MagicPlate™ that comes with your MagicMount Charge3

Wireless Charging Devices

It’s important to apply the MagicPlate in the right location on your Qi-enabled phones so that it doesn’t block the wireless charging coil. We’ve created a MagicPlate Template Guide (included in the box with your MagicPlates) to help you place the MagicPlate on your wireless phone, so that you can mount your phone on Scosche Qi wireless chargers, as well as regular MagicMounts.

Note for Apple® iPhone® 11 and Google® Pixel® 4 and Pixel 4XL users: Please apply the MagicPlate(s) either inside, or outside, of your phone case. Or, if you prefer, apply the MagicPatch to the outside of your case, but not directly to your phone.

* The MagicMount is not recommended with use of a wallet case.

Install MagicPlate

Includes options for mounting to a case or directly to your device.
Use the enclosed template to determine the optimum placement for your device.

Phone Plate

Easily removed without damaging your phone

Phone Case Plates

Securely sticks to your phone case

If you need replacement or additional MagicPlates order them here

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