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Essential Accessories For All Your Galaxy Devices




“Simple, Stunning, Seamless” is how Samsung describes its new Galaxy S20 series of advanced smartphones. And their folding-glass-screened Galaxy Z Flip phone is “bending the laws of physics”.

We believe these ground-breaking new Galaxy smartphones, as well as the entire Samsung Galaxy collection of devices, deserve the most simple, stunning and seamless accessories to keep them powered, charged, synced, seen and heard.



USB-C Power Delivery

Samsung Galaxy and Note phones, and Galaxy Tablets, and Books and even the charging case for Galaxy Buds Plus, all come with convenient USB-C ports. Scosche USB-C Power Delivery chargers and cables deliver the fastest charging and data transfer speeds for your devices. For example, a Samsung Phone will charge up to 3X faster than with a regular charger and cable.

USB‑C 3.0

USB‑C accessories work with the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets and Buds+ charging cases, as well as many newer Android devices.


USB‑C plug is reversible. There is no “upside down” or “wrong way” to plug in.


Power can flow in both directions so you can charge your phone from a friend’s phone.


It can transmit up to 10 Gbps (Gbps = billions of bits per second) of data.


It’s advanced chipset “talks” with your device to deliver the fastest, safest charge your phone can handle.

Qi Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been a feature of Samsung smartphones since 2015, starting with the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note 5 and all models since then, including the new S20 line and the Z Flip.

Quickly and safely charge all your Qi-enabled Samsung devices on a Qi-certified Scosche wireless charger, or wireless charging mount for home, office and vehicle. Scosche Qi chargers support Samsung Fast charge (up to 10W).

vent charge 3

Audio Adapter

While they’ve gained USB-C and wireless charging, Samsung Galaxy phones (starting with the Note 10 and S20 models) as well as some of their tablets, dropped their headphone/Aux jack. If you miss the 3.5mm jack we have audio adapters that let you use your wired headphones or earbuds with your Samsung devices.




To comply with distracted driving laws you need a secure and reliable phone mount for your vehicle. Scosche has been the #1 Mount Brand (Source: NPD Group, Inc.) since 2015. We offer a variety of mount options to hold your Samsung devices, including: magnetic, universal grip and advanced wireless charging.


charge 3 mounts


If you crave the convenience of having a central place to organize and charge all of your portable devices, take a look at our BaseLynx Modular Charging System. BaseLynx includes Qi-certified wireless charging and power delivery, all in one customizable, system that uses one power source and can be expanded or changed whenever you choose.

  1. Modular Charging Station with Wireless Charging Pad and Vert Charging Station
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad & Vert
    BaseLynx Pad+Vert Kit
  1. Modular Charging Station with Wireless Charging Pad and Dual-Port EndCap Charger
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad & Power Delivery End Cap
    BaseLynx Pad+EndCap Kit
  1. Fresh Scent Magnetic Vent Mount
    MagicMount™ Fresche
    Dual-Purpose Magnetic Phone Mount and Air Freshener
    Out of stock
  1. Fresh Scent Magnetic FreeFlow Vent Mount
    MagicMount™ Fresche Flow
    Dual-Purpose Magnetic Phone Mount and Air Freshener
  1. Telescoping Magnetic Mount
    MagicMount™ Pro Extendo
    Telescoping Window/Dash Magnetic Mount
    Sale $23.99 Regular Price $29.99
  1. Car Charger
    PowerVolt™ Power Delivery
    Dual 18W USB-C Car Charger
    As low as $29.99
  1. Charger
    PowerVolt™ Power Delivery
    USB-C / USB-A Fast Charger for Home
    As low as $34.99
  1. Emergency Jump Starter
    PowerUp 400 Torch
    400A Jump Starter / Powerbank / Flashlight
  1. Braided USB-C to Lightning 1ft Cable
    Strikeline Premium USB-C to USB-C
    1ft Charge, Sync & Power Cable for USB-C to USB-C Devices
    As low as $17.99
  1. Home Charger
    PowerVolt™ Power Delivery
    USB-C Car Charger
  1. Home Charger
    PowerVolt™ Power Delivery
    USB-C Car Charger