What Makes Them Smart?

Working with the technology of your smartphone and the free Nexar safe driving app (for iOS and Android).


Scosche Dashcams translate advanced technology into essential and useful features, you can use every day, such as:

Robust WiFi that quickly and reliably connects and communicates with your smartphone.

A high-precision 3-Axis G-Sensor that automatically detects, measures and records incidents and supports the Parking mode.

Parking mode records and saves video of incidents and impacts that occur when you (and your phone) are not in your vehicle.

The Nexar app adds: GPS data, Siri® Shortcuts integration, and tells your camera to begin recording when you start driving, and to stop when your vehicle does.

The Nexar App also provides free storage of significant events to your personal Nexar Cloud. Once uploaded to the Cloud, the footage auto-deletes from your camera so you never run out of storage space.

The free app features 1-Click reporting of accidents to participating insurance companies and includes 24/7 support.